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Staveley Communications has been installing wireless systems since 2001 and has over 300 clients using the system across 450 sites.

The Etherhaul range is a wireless bridge that is able to deliver interference-free, cost-efficient Ethernet connectivity, and can deliver a throughput of up to 200 Mbps aggregated.


It operates over an uncogested band and can be deployed on any street furniture in a swift and easy fashion. From video surveillance to business and campus broadband connectivity, the 500TX series operates at the right capacity, at the right price. No telco knowledge is required to install and it can be up and running within fifteen minutes.

siklu etherhaul 600 series

Siklu Etherhaul 500-TX

  •  Interference-free 60GHz band facilitates dense deployment and fast frequency planning


  • Easy site acquisition and installation on street furniture thanks to minimal palm-sized one box solution


  • 11x non-overlapping, user-selectable channels improve scalability even in dense deployments


  • Integrated antenna and GbE switch with PoE-In and dual PoE-Out eliminate need for external devices for servicing and cascading


  • Sub-millisecond latency facilitates extended cascading while maintaining fibre-like streaming delays, and reducing the number of high OPEX aggregations points


  • Designed for easy installation and commissioning using embedded tools to optimize channel selection, load testing and zero-touch commissioning


  • Installation and support of Siklu wireless solution radios can be performed by anyone, with minimal training


  • One part number support of both 57-64GHz and 64-66GHz sub-bands


  • Carrier grade predictable performance ideal for mission critical network connectivity, such as video surveillance, safe city sensors and Wi-Fi back-hauling.


  • Siklu wireless solutions are especially suited for high-volume traffic areas susceptible to interference.

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Siklu Etherhaul-600 Series

The EtherHaul-600 series from Siklu can deliver future-proof capacity to any street level application required. Operating over the unlicensed 60GHz band, the small, but robust radio provides predictable and reliable connectivity, and can be easily installed on any kind of street furniture.


With a minimal amount of deployment costs and maintenance, the EtherHaul-600 series provides a ROI which can be often measured in months, providing a very competitive price per Mb.


  • The unlicensed 60GHz V-band spectrum is uncongested and interference-free, even in dense urban areas.


  • The EH-600 series has 11 non-overlapping full-capacity channels that are user-selectable.


  • Utilised for optimal matching of link length and selected channel. This results in unmatched frequency reuse capabilities, making it the most scalable solution on the market for dense deployments.


  • Palm-sized, and can be quickly and easily installed on any kind of street furniture.


  • Easily cascade radios and power external devices like video surveillance cameras and Wi-Fi access points.


  • Easy Installation and Maintenance, typically taking just 15 minutes. Optional advanced configuration is available via an intuitive web GUI.


  • Weather-proof  IP-67 sealed radio guarantees carrier–grade performance under even the harshest weather conditions.


  • Incorporates Hitless Adaptive Bandwidth Coding and Modulation for high availability.


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User Collateral

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etherhaul 500TX datasheet
EtherHaul 500TX Datasheet

The EtherHaul-500TX wireless bridge delivers costefficient, interference-free, Ethernet connectivity.

etherhaul 600 datasheet
Etherhaul 600 Series Datasheet

Street level V-bit gigabit radios for smart city and broadband networks.

etherhaul 2x00 datasheet
Etherhaul 2X00-Series Datasheet

This datasheet includes specs and application notes for Siklu's EtherHaul 2X00 series of E-band radios.


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Siklu Case Study: University

Penn State University, USA Gets High Bandwidth Fixed Wireless

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Siklu: Small Cell Brochure

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Siklu Case Study: Abertay University

Abertay University Finds an Affordable Gigabit Wireless Solution


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etherhaul 2x00 datasheet
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Siklu: Wireless Security

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Evolving Business Broadband

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