Ruckus WiFi Solutions

Ruckus WiFi solutions make it possible for you to gain the most out of 802.11n technology.

802.11n is recognised as an industry standard specification for facilitating WiFi connections and leads to the provision of best possible indoor wireless solutions. Ruckus wireless solutions employ 802.11n technology effectively, in order to maximise the output of your indoor wireless solutions.

Ruckus Wireless Wi-Fi Hardware
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Wireless Access Points

Reliable and ultra fast indoor, outdoor and special-purpose Wi-Fi Access Points

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Zoneflex R300

An entry level 802.11n 2×2:2 dual-band 2.4GHz and 5GHz concurrent access points designed for bandwidth hungry and latency sensitive applications such as Voice and Video over Wi-Fi.

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Zoneflex R500

A sleek and low-profile design, this access point was purpose-built for enterprises requiring reliable high speed client connectivity. It is ideal for a variety of medium density enterprise and hotspot environments.

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Zoneflex R600

Combining patented adaptive antenna technology and automatic interference mitigation to deliver consistent, this access point predictable performance at extended ranges with up to an additional 6dB of BeamFlex gain.

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Mobile Softphone

One-X Mobile from Avaya is an app available to smartphone users which can be used to connect to your IP Office 500, and log in to your company’s server remotely to make and receive calls from your extension.

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The Avaya One-X Communicator is a feature-rich Unified Communications client that gives enterprise users with intuitive and easy access to everyday communications tools.

Industry Solutions from Ruckus

Spend less time being “serviced” and more time solving real problems with Ruckus’ reliable, pain-free wireless networking solutions.

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Ruckus on Campus

Ruckus elevate the student experience with University Campus Wi-Fi. Students view campus Wi-Fi as a utility, not only in the classroom,but especially in the residence hall—as basic as electricity or running water.

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Ruckus for Public Venues

Huge crowds in close proximity to each other, nearly all of them using smartphones- it can create an extremely challenging wireless environment. Ruckus provided world-class calibre Wi-Fi for huge events with mass audiences around the globe, including the World Cup Final.

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Ruckus – Working with Retail

The smartphone: shoppers today don’t leave home without it. They’re using them to compare prices and find product information. They’re communicating with friends and family in your store. And they’re expecting you to provide Wi-Fi to keep them connected.

Ruckus Unleashed

Wi-Fi for SMEs


Ruckus Unleashed is a controller-free WLAN solution for small businesses that can deploy great Wi-Fi in minutes at an affordable rate.

Ruckus Unleashed is ideal for SMEs who are interested in providing easily-deployable, scalable, high RF performance Wi-Fi, at an affordable price.

A small deployment with up to 512 devices, in areas such as a hotel, retailers, warehouses and local services such as private insurance/title companies is ideal for Unleashed.


Independent retailers, for instance, may have a limited budget with little to no IT management. Ruckus Unleashed gives them the ability to provide a reliable network in addition to value-add services, such as captive portal, guest access and Hotspot/WISPr.

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Related Services

We also provide other services from Ruckus Wireless including BYOD and Guest Wi-Fi.

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SIP Trunks

SIP Trunks are a direct connection from your office that allows you to make VoIP calls over the Internet,

SIP is also carry other forms of media and communication, such as multimedia and video conferences & enhanced emergency calls

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Avaya IP Office 500

The UK's #1 Number Telephone System

IP office is specifically offered to provide flexibility, scalability and numerous growth and progress opportunities to your business.

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3CX Unified Comms

3CX provide, Fax and Voicemail to email, web conferencing and instant messaging.

Users can gain access to advanced unified comms features – without needing to learn and use separate software.

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Telephony in the Cloud

VOIPE is the UK’s #1 VoIP provider

Delivering a resilient phone service to suit all businesses and budgets with tailored plans to suit your needs.


Download user guides, whitepapers and leaflets from Ruckus

User Collateral

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zoneflex r300 datasheet
Zoneflex R300 Data Sheet

The Ruckus ZoneFlex R300 delivers high-performance and reliable 802.11n wireless networking at the industry’s most affordable price point.

zoneflex r300 datasheet
Zoneflex R500 Data Sheet

The Ruckus ZoneFlex R500 delivers high-performance and reliable 802.11ac wireless networking at a competitive price point.

zoneflex r300 datasheet
Zoneflex R600 Data Sheet

The Ruckus ZoneFlex R600 delivers high-performance and reliable 802.11ac wireless networking at a competitive price point.


Sales Collateral

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ruckus smart access data sheet
Ruckus Smart Access Data Sheet

Smart Access Management (SAM) is the first carrier-grade, hosted public cloud Wi-Fi service, bringing together the best-in-class Wi-Fi with cloud computing.

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Wi-Fi Calling Goes Mainstream

Using Smart Wi-Fi to deliver a carrier-class voice offering. From fast handoff, strong radio signals and call admission control.

ruckus spot data sheet
Ruckus SPoT Data Sheet

Ruckus SPoT is the industry’s first cloud-based location technology suite that enables the delivery of a wide range of location-based services.

beamflex feature sheet cover
Ruckus Beamflex Feature Sheet

Beamflex is the smart antenna system that delivers stable connectivity and higher performance. Here are the features and benefits.

zoneflex at a glance
Ruckus Smart Wi-Fi Overview

An at-a-glance look at the key features and benefits of Ruckus' Smart Wi-Fi access points portfolio and model differentiators.

ruckus smart wifi for retail cover
Smart Wi-Fi for Retail

Faster, pervasive and more dependable Wi-Fi connectivity that works even in crowded store environments is critical for retailers.


Technical Collateral

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ruckus smart wifi product overview front cover
Ruckus Zoneflex At-A-Glance

A portfolio and overview including the key features and benefits of the Ruckus Zoneflex smart Wi-Fi access points.

ruckus cloud wifi quick start guide
Ruckus Cloud Wi-FI Quick Start Guide

How to setup your Ruckus Cloud account.

ruckus unleashed solution guide
Ruckus Unleashed Overview

Ruckus Unleashed is a controller-less wireless LAN solution that delivers an optimal wireless experience at an affordable price


We Also Provide…

Take a look at our other services- from Soft PBX’s to hosted telephony in the cloud.

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Avaya Phone Systems

AVAYA Telephone Systems provide flexibility, scalability and numerous growth and progress opportunities to your business. Including the Uk’s #1 Telephone Systems – IP Office 500.

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3cx Telephone Systems

3CX Telephone Systems are software-based PBX’s that allows you to break free from expensive proprietary hardware PBXs. Available for Windows, Linux, Hyper-V and VMWare.

Splicecom Logo 2016
Splicecom Phone Systems

Splicecom is a UK owned manufacturer and their Maximiser PBX is a feature rich platform offering value for money features unparalleled in the marketplace.

VOIPE Logo 2016
Cloud Phones

VOIPE are the UK’s number one VoIP provider, who can deliver a resilient phone service to suit all businesses and budgets, tailoring plans to suit your needs.